Our Guests

If you spot the Red Tail Lodge on the road, please post a picture on Facebook or Instagram and tag BackroadBuddies (“@BackroadBuddies” on Facebook, “@brbuddies” on Instagram) and use hashtag “#ispyrtl”. We would love to meet you. Don’t be shy. Come ask us for a tour of our van and sign our guest book!

November 9,2019
"Thank you for showing me around your rig! What a great setup!"

September 23, 2019
"What a great way to travel!"

September 22, 2019
"It was fun seeing you both and your mobile home. It's really awesome! ... Safe travels and adventures!"

August 17, 2019
Alex, Karen and Patrick
"Great vehicle. Love what you did with it. I hope your travels are wonderful!"

August 17, 2019
Jack and Judy
"Thank you for the 'tour' of a great opportunity! Have a blast!"

August 17, 2019
"Glad you can do this."

August 17, 2019
Karen and Tom
"So happy you visited with us this week! Love your new 'ride'!"

August 14, 2019
Mark, John, Mike, Bonnie, Darlene, Mike, Randy, Zoe Ann, and Lori
"Finally the backroads have led you to your buddies @DaleHollow. Enjoy your travels."


August 11, 2019
Brad and Shannon
"We love your vehicle and all of the amazing upgrades. It's been so much fun hearing all about and following your journeys!"

August 2, 2019
Joe & Joy
"What an ingenious vehicle & great adventure!"

August 8, 2019
"You guys look like you're having a wonderful adventure."

July 26, 2019
The Holley Family
"The Holley Family visited to see what this was and found a fantastic future camper/van."

July 17, 2019

July 4, 2019
Joan & Darren
"Wonderful to chat with you here in Humboldt Redwood SP. Have a great 4th weekend."

July 3, 2019
Mark & Angela

July 3, 2019
"Awesome van, can't wait to get one!"

June 30, 2019
"Thanks for the tour!"

June 30, 2019
"Many safe travels!"

June 29, 2019
"Thanks for coming to watch me perform!"

June 15, 2019
"Great vehicle for exploring Rocky Mountain National Park."

June 13, 2019
"Enjoy your new van! and I look forward to seeing your adventures across the States and the far north!"

June 13, 2019
Cari & Scott
"Have a fantastic time! Post lots of pics."

June 13, 2019
Brenda & Ken
"Looking forward to following your travels."

June 13, 2019
Ann & Keith
"Let the adventure begin!"